About PSI
PSI has been in business for 24 years, and the PSI technical staff has decades of experience in the fine art of sharpening the cutting edge of electronics technology.

In addition to our extensive experience, our staff makes use of a full set of electronic CAD tools including schematic capture, simulation, logic synthesis, logic optimization, printed-circuit layout and routing, integrated circuit layout and routing, design-rule checking, layout vs. schematic checking.

PSI can solve your problem.
PSI is a full-service electronic design engineering firm. PSI offers you electronic design services spanning the range from analog to digital, from full-custom integrated circuit designs to assembled electronic systems.

PSI can cure your headaches.
PSI can boost your business, giving you a single source for hardware, firmware, and soft-ware, on-time deliveries, and long-term support. PSI will save you time and money, and help you keep your customers happy.

The products designed and programmed by PSI work.
Our designs are verified before release, and all PSI designs are fully supported.

Your business is safe with PSI.
PSI will solve your technical problems, and leave your business up to you. Our technical staff is discreet, not just smart. We have experience with sensitive industries like medical instrumentation and defense, in which information is a premium commodity.

Past PSI clients include:

Abbott Laboratories
American Sigma Incorporated
Analog Technology Corporation
BG Instruments, Incorporated
Brunswick Corporation
California Institute of Technology
California Measurements, Incorporated
Clinical Microsensors
Intel Corporation
Konigsberg Instruments
Leslie's Pool Supplies, Incorporated
Mattel Corporation
MDH Corporation
Micro General Corporation
Monroe Electronics
Ortel Corporation
Pacific Energy
Paul-Munroe Hydraulics Incorporated
Radcal Corporation
Sigma, Inc.

PSI Design Capabilities
Digital design
  • embedded computers and micro-controllers
  • programmable logic devices
  • ASIC designs
  • specialized processor designs for high-performance applications
  • full-custom integrated circuit design
  • standard-cell design and layout
PSI's embedded computer designs are fully tested by actually fabricating the hardware. Hard-ware and firmware are assembled and tested before delivery to you, and the circuit board designs and firmware are delivered in production ready format.

Software / Firmware design and coding

  • conventional off-the-shelf microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • software for proprietary processors
  • hardware-software interface
  • device drivers for special IBM PC applications
  • operating systems for special applications
  • IEEE 488 and SCPI protocol handlers
  • I2C applications
If PSI is providing software or firmware only, it is tested on your hardware before it is released. PSI maintains its own facility for development and test, so this work can be done without disrupting your normal operations.

Analog / Mixed-signal design

  • board-level design using standard component
  • sensor interfaces: optical, imagers, chemical, inertial, magnetic, strain, tilt, temperature, pressure
  • full custom integrated circuit design
PSI microelectronic designs can be prototyped through a variety of low-cost services before expending the cost of a production mask set. We can deliver GDSII layout files, mask sets, prototype ICs, or finished wafers, according to your requirements.

Special services

  • prototype assembly
  • contract with volume manufacturers
  • integrated sensor designs: optical, imagers, temperature, magnetic, chemical
  • neural network and other special signal processing architectures
  • electronic engineering consulting
PSI gives you access to experienced specialists without expanding your payroll or breaking your budget. PSI can assist at any stage of electronic design, from initial development of specifications all the way through to production prototypes.

All PSI designs are fully supported. Schematics and firmware source code are maintained in a version-control system on the PSI computer network, and can be delivered to you, should you desire to maintain the product yourself.

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To get a quotation on design services, contact us by telephone, fax, or email as listed below. We look forward to doing business with you.


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